About The Project

The Building

The outside façade of the building will incorporate ''Green Wall''
components to offset the carbon footprint and to act as a natural
filter and insulator for the building. In addition, this green
wall will assist in the reduction of traffic noise and enhance the
visual amenity of the building.

Large Floorplates

Trusted Location

Enquiries have been received by larger medical groups that
require ''whole floor'' spaces.
Large floor plates adjacent to the RBWH are simply not
available in this precinct.
Do not miss this opportunity if your requirement is for large, high
quality Class 9A facilities.
Brand Recognition and Signage will be second to none in this high
profile location.

July' 18

Demolition Completed

Oct' 19

Construction Commences

Dec' 20 / Jan' 21

Construction Complete, Occupancy Commences

Sep' / Oct' 19

Detailed Design & Development Complete

Jul' 20

Tenants Accessibility for Fitout

Small Floor Plates

We have a variety of options for individual practices
that only require smaller clinic space. Early
expressions of interest allow those practitioners the
choice of space that best suits their individual needs.

Contact us to discover the options and have a “Test
Fit” plan done for your consideration.

Floor Plates

Get them while they last!

Our medical suites can be designed to fit your
individual practice needs, whether that be one large
medical centre or a boutique individual suite.
Select your preferred choice and we will help you deliver.

Choose the medical suite location that better fits your

Parking Spaces

Combining Medical Suites with exclusive car parking
in the same building will allow convenience and enhanced
efficiency for doctors, patients & staff. The lower floors
will house the medical suites & clinics allowing direct
access from Wren Street.

Parking spaces will be built on top of the medical
suites accommodating motor vehicles. The carpark will
be used to service the clinics.

If you are interested to know more about the project and Proximity Health

Contact us to see if Proximity Health can provide your next practice address. Our design team can help explore the possibilities with you.


Looking for Opportunities to Lease a Consulting Area or a Full Floor in our Premiere Health Precinct?

Unique clinic & consulting space available | Floor plates up to 850 m2 | Your practice clinic right next door to RBWH

Let’s Have A Personal Session For You

Choose To Invest In A Project Devoted To Health

Favorable growth, aging demographics and heightened demand
for healthcare services - oncology, orthopedics, maternity care,
and other areas - underpins a massive government - backed
spending program to support the state's healthcare needs.
RBWH has benefitted from Queensland's increased healthcare
spending ($17bn in 2018, up 8.4%).


Our Brochure

By downloading this brochure, we'll grant you access to key information for stakeholders, investors, organizations, private doctors
or anyone interested in leasing a medical suite, whether it is a small to large floor plate.